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Project ‘Bradley’

In 2013 I’ve been starting photographing Bradley at the age of 7. At that time he lived with his parents and his sister on a campsite in the Netherlands. May 2015 they left for Spain and they’re still living there. The intention is to photograph Bradley for the next 10 years. More about Bradley: http://wilmarekkers.nl/?portfolio=fort-oranje



Project ‘Beppie & Roxanna’

I’ve been in contact with Beppie for four years now. I’ve been starting a photo documentary about her since 2016. Although she is at peace with her personal history, that same history has made her distrustful to society. Nowadays Beppie (56) lives alone in her apartment in Tilburg (The Netherlands). She only trust her family which means everything to her. Especially her grandchildren and in particular Roxanna. Beppie: ”I recognize myself in her and I will do whatever I can to protect her”. The intention is to photograph them for the next 5 years. More about Beppie & Roxanna: http://wilmarekkers.nl/?portfolio=1837beppie_upcoming