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Piet Hohmann

This is Piet. Piet is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in combination with vascular dementia so his memory is letting him down very quickly. Piet means so much for the art and culture in our community Oosterhout (The Netherlands) and beyond. It’s time to capture this beautiful man and his fantastic art works. I feel very honored to create this documentary portrait and thanks to a successful crowdfunding we can make this valuable project reality.

project Piet


At the age of 35 Jean Bordes (1950) got in a terrible accident in the Pyrenees mountains of Lourdes, France. Ironically the same mountains where he needed spending time on his own during his life, as a person, as a painter. A very long recovery follows and this accident changes a lot. March this year I’ve met Jean Bordes and I will start filming a documentary portrait about him.upcoming-jean-bordes